Fuck handicapped people!!!

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

I swear to the man on the mountain on the cross. That’s right Alien Jesus. I swear to him. I fuckin am so sick of handicapped people fuckin up ma shit. You ever been on the bus and yer late for an abortion consultation and all of the sudden you roll up on a bus stop with a fuckin wheel chair guy.  In Boiselbe, Indiana, where I’m from, you got to make reservations for an abortion consultation like months in advance. That place is the hottest shit in town!! You can just not have a baby, if you want. It makes condoms pointless. So, I’m on the bus late for a baby scrapin, and we roll up on some cocksucker in a wheelchair lookin all high and mighty about himself, like he sittin in a fuckin throne. Oh, look at how cool I am, I got multiplesclarosis or some shit. I just couldn’t fuckin handle it. I had to dive-punch his ass and then beat him with his own keyboard. Then I looked right in his eyes and said, “Why don’t you just stay home next time, tardballs!” All this pussy could say back was some garbled nonsense, cause I ripped his keyboard off and I guess that’s how this elitist prick likes to talk, all like a robot or something. You ain’t no full on robot. More like a cyborg or somethin. Like his mom was raped by a Little Rascal. You ain’t that lucky bitch. Good news though. there was a later slot open for a uterus flushin, so I guess there is an Alien God.

-Baller Stevens


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